You’ve done your market research, polled Facebook groups and been around long enough to know what your ideal clients are struggling with.

So the next thing you do if you haven’t already is create an opt-in or a lead magnet and send these folks you’ve interviewed a link to your landing page; promising to end all their struggles with your free gift.

You drop the link to your landing page in every Facebook Group and Social Media channels.

You wait for email signup notifications to appear in your inbox.

Nothing yet.

A few start trickling in….but nothing major.

“They’re probably busy you say to yourself and will find time later.”

“They may not have seen my post about this.”

“Maybe I should post more? PM people?”

Well that may work but won’t make the impact that you want.

“So what did I do wrong?” you wonder.

So here’s a key step that’s missing in your funnel strategy that will take prospects from merely interested to “yes I want what she’s offering.”

And that is…..romance….

Some warming up…

You need to pique your prospect’s curiosity and build awareness.

Y’see people are bombarded with so much information and if they have to opt-in to yet another newsletter they’re probably going to say “No thank you”

How to counter this?

Create free content that builds up on your message, is relevant to your lead magnet and in alignment with your offers.

So that means creating:

  • Blog posts
  • Guest blog posts
  • Articles
  • FB lives
  • Free trainings
  • Podcast interviews
  • Facebook posts

Don’t hold back on your tips and tricks. Think how-tos’.

Give amazing valuable content that is actionable and relevant.

And most importantly don’t forget to sprinkle your free content with links to your landing page (for the opt-in).

Use this rule sparingly when it comes to your Facebook posts in other groups since a lot of groups have strict promo rules.

Once you’ve built up your awareness and positioned your expertise it makes people signing up for your opt-in a no-brainer.

How are you creating awareness around your opt-in?

If you aren’t then what specific format will you choose from the list above to start doing that today?