The Audit Superstar
(or TAS)

For Copywriters & Digital Marketers Who Want To Master the $1,000/hour business skill that gets them paid to think. Not write.


Access to a complete suite of skills, strategies, and support to confidently pitch, land & conduct:


Sales page audits


Digital course audits


Email CRM audit


Quiz funnel audits

PLUS, you’ll possess the superpowers to:

Transform your client’s limp-as-noodle ideas into sizzling money makers

Package & sell your audit expertise so you work with big fish clients

Position your market research skills as a premium (4-figure) service that goes beyond submitting Rev transcriptions and Zoom recordings

PSA: You won’t learn how to write copy in this bootcamp. You’ve already got some black-belt-level skills in that department. This bootcamp is a gentle (but firm) butt-kicker to activate & monetize your thinking skills – not so much your ability to write sexy taglines or emotionally riveting body copy.


You want to add “sales page audits” to your offer suite and diversify your revenue streams (easy money, short sales cycle, takes up to 2 hours of your time)

You want to give your ideal clients a quick win with a sales page audit so they decide to hire you for meatier projects (full disclosure: I’ve landed $10k projects with dream clients thanks to auditing their sales pages first)

You want to offer sales page audits for online entrepreneurs (i.e. info product creators, high-ticket coaches, membership site launchers, etc.)

You are a copywriter/digital marketer who has written at least a couple of sales pages for clients (if you’re a complete newbie noob the bootcamp isn’t for you)

You want to offer a prepaid service on your site (no contracts, no back-and-forth emails, no chasing payments)


Amisha Shrimanker - The Copy Crew

Hey there! I’m Amisha Shrimanker.

Launch copywriter. Founder of The Copy Crew. Better known as the person who *gives a damn* about my clients launches – even more than they do. 

Besides being a badass launch copywriter for clients, I offer a Copy Tune Up service that’s essentially sales page audits. This productized and highly lucrative service is the easiest money & the chunkiest source of my revenue pie. And now, I can’t wait to teach you this exact skill. 


Get on the list, strap on the safety buckle, & get ready to blow your client’s mind (and your bank account) 

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