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Become the $1,000/day copywriter in the room


The Audit Superstar

For copywriters & digital marketers ready to get paid pennies the BIG BUCKS for their thoughts – not so much for their copywriting skills

Maximum Bucks.

Minimal Finger-to-Keyboard Labor.

PSA: You won’t learn how to write copy in this self-paced program. You’ve already got some black-belt-level skills in that department. This program is a gentle (but firm) butt-kicker to activate & monetize your thinking skills – not so much your ability to write sexy offer taglines or emotionally riveting body copy.

“I made back my investment with my first audit”
– Melissa Payne


“I-spent-too-many-nights-writing-launch-campaigns,-email-sequences,-meeting-project-deadlines-&-everything-in-between” copywriter,

Which of these thoughts have given you sleepless nights lately?

The recurring theme in these thoughts?
“I gotta write copy so I can get paid-slash-make money.”

Raise your hand, my fellow copywriter, if you can relate.

For the record, I’ve got both my hands up because this used to be my story…

Amisha Shrimanker - The Copy Crew

Hey there!

I’m Amisha Shrimanker.

Launch copywriter, strategist, funnel optimizer. Founder of The Copy Crew and a frequent shopper at Nordstrom’s (yes, it’s my guilty pleasure)

The good parts of my story?


Rock-solid skill set (I had ALL the copywriting & marketing courses created by the best. CopyHackers? Check. Copy Cure? Double Check. List Building, webinars…I could go on)


Baller clients who are the creme de la creme in their niches.


Praises showered by the baller clients and stalwarts in the online marketing world.


I hired her to write a sales page for one of our affiliate launches. We ended up in 4th place in the entire contest amongst big names like Michael Hyatt and Todd Herman. Long form sales pages work provided the copy is good. A long sales page with meh copy is painful to read.

Julie Christine Stoian

Co-Founder, Funnel Gorgeous


I hired Amisha to audit the sales pages for two of my digital courses. I wanted to get a professional’s feedback before the pages went live. What I got was incredibly useful. I was blown away by the detailed feedback, suggestions that I was able to implement in under 10 minutes, and how Amisha seemed to have a natural understanding of my niche & how to best communicate my offers to my audience. Her audit went far beyond what I was expecting.

Elaine Heney

Sweet Funnel Strategy

I scratched my old sales page and replaced it with Amisha’s copy. I couldn’t even imagine the 20x return I’ve seen on my sales page. I’ve generated close to $60,000 since the new sales page went live last year. 

Creator WordPress Rockstar & Founder of Geek Pack

But the not-so-good parts?

  • Deadlines that encroached upon my son’s spring break calendar
  • Launch projects that spanned over weeks
  • Late nights, lower back pain, long screen hours – you get the idea.

And it suddenly hit me. I was perpetuating this crippling thought…thanks to my subconscious mind.

I’ll write for food money.

The equivalent of the ever prevalent internet marketing “wisdom” spewed by celebrity coaches.

“Don’t trade hours for dollars”

No wonder I was caught in a vicious, yet enviable, cycle.

The more pivotal, life-changing question was…

But what if you could trade fewer hours for A LOT of $$$?


Without launching a digital course and falling for the lure of a “passive income” pot of gold


Without pinning your hopes on Facebook ads and pining for lower CTCs, CPCs, CPLs, and what have you


Without hiring an army of diligent subcontractors because you were told it would scale your biz 🤮🤮🤮

“Made back my investment with my first audit”

The bootcamp exceeded my expectations. It was so easy to follow and pick up. The investment was absolutely worth it and I made it back instantly with my first audit. 

Melissa Payne

Brand Voice & Quiz Funnel Strategist

And because specificity is a core copywriting skill
(see I told ya I had mad skillz), the more specific question is… 

What if you could get paid  $,1000 (or more) in a SINGLE day
to think, critique & offer copywriter-ly feedback instead of…

Churning out 67,578 words of copy that takes days (as does your payment)?

The Answer? 

H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks yeah, you could

Because that’s when you can…

Change your career identity from order taker/copywriter/wordsmith to thinker/strategist/expert whose brain is more valuable than her fingers.

Re-position yourself as chief expert or strategist because of your ideas

Stop chasing shiny courses and bloated-with-content programs because you need this “ONE skill” so you can be a smarter (aka: highly skilled technician, thank you Mr. Gerber) entrepreneur.

Best part…

You don’t need years of experience, systems,
or complicated funnels to pull this off. 

In the last two years of my copywriting career, I’ve audited close to 100 sales pages.

I got paid to think. And these audits turned into bigger copywriting projects. I was viewed (and respected) as a strategist first. Copywriter second.

If I can do it, so can you.

Lemme show you how. 



For Copywriters & Digital Marketers Who Want To Master
the $1,000/day business skill that gets them paid to think. Not write.

WARNING: This program is 1 part theory, 2 parts implementation. The last thing you need is a program that’s bloated with information and fluffery. My goal is to get you confident to pitch an audit, land one, and crush it!

I have the confidence to charge $997 for a sales page audit

Seeing your framework and thought process for reviewing your audits was so helpful. Before this program, I felt like my audits were a bit all over the map. Now I have an actual system and the confidence to charge 997 for them 🙂 

Dani Paige

Launch Copywriter

Get Ready for 1 Part Theory, 1 Part Implementation
& 10 Parts Badassery

Theory: Audit Foundations

You’ll learn:


How to set up a simple, low-tech audit funnel (the exact tech and tools I use)


The specific questions to use in your pre-audit questionnaire (including one that will weed out the time-wasters) 


How to write your audit services page that gets clients ready to hire you


How to Conduct A Sales Page Audit with my proven 5-Step Audit System (it’s responsible for an uplift of 5% in sales conversions)


How to optimize sales pages even if they check off all “sales page best practices”


When a sales page needs a complete overhaul (even if the copy is spectacular)


What audit deliverables you need to create (you’ll get a template that I use for my clients so you don’t recreate the wheel)


How to maximize the value of your audit


What to say in the client follow up call (and what to stay clear off)


I strongly believe that the best way to learn a skill is to watch it in action and implement it immediately – is it any wonder that Food Network’s so popular? 

Get immediate access to real-life sales page audits I recorded for clients. This is your chance to learn, take copious notes, and implement them in your business. 

Learn how you can make tweaks to your audit reports, spiff them up and wow your clients (they’ll literally say: “This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Ever”)

But that’s not all, you’ll also get…


Recorded Hot Seat Calls: Listen to these calls where I share what needs to be tweaked, improved, and how to 10x the value for clients.

Private Slack Community (oh wait, I already mentioned that). You’ll connect and learn with fellow copywriters and digital marketers. This will be a safe place to ask questions, receive encouragement, and get replies to can’t-wait questions.

Access to all future program upgrades, ongoing trainings, and resources as long as I continue to offer this program

Access to The ROI Sales Page: My premium mini course on how to write a sales page from headline to the final call to action button.

Access to The CEO Essential Email Scripts: A collection of 50, word-for-word professional email scripts every service provider needs to overcome sticky client situations with ease (think: raising prices, cold pitches, podcast pitches, onboarding and so many more)

Access to REAL sales page audit videos I recorded for my clients, plus the audit reports and cool extras I offered

Here’s a Recap Of Everything You Get When You Join

The Audit Superstar

  • Sales Page Audit core training ($997)
  • The Audit Superstar workbook ($197)
  • Audit Report template (the exact one I use for my clients) ($47)
  • Real client audit sample reports ($597)
  • CEO Essential Email Scripts ($97)
  • The ROI Sales Page digital course ($197)
  • Lifetime access to a Private Slack group to ask all your burning questions and receive feedback from other Superstars
  • Lifetime access to content upgrades
  • Lifetime access to the call library with all recorded hot seats and group coaching calls


    TOTAL VALUE: $2,132

    (and here’s the part where I tell you that you won’t pay that much😊)

    You get it for only: $97

    Best Value

    One Payment of


    “The impact of learning from you was far more significant than the impact of learning from Joanna Weibe, or another guru I can’t relate to.”

    Sue Howard

    VOC Marketing

    “By far the most comprehensive course on Audits”

    “Amisha’s framework provides everything I need for my clients. I know the audit report I give them isn’t missing any pieces was able to make my investment back and perform 2 sales page audits. One of the audits has led to another project where I’m rewriting the client’s new services page I have read a few blogs about audits this by far is the most comprehensive.

    Kim DeGarcia

    Launch Copywriter & Strategist


    You want to offer audits to online entrepreneurs. (i.e. info product creators, high-ticket coaches, membership site launchers, etc.)

    You have a basic idea of how funnels work, although you don’t need to be an expert.

    You work with course creators and help them launch courses (match made in heaven!)

    You write launch emails for clients and need to understand segmentation, tagging, and lists so you can improve their chances of meeting launch goals

    You know how to write sales copy AND have written at least 2-3 long-form sales pages. I’ll teach you how to audit. You BYOCC. That’s Bring Your Own Copywriting Chops.

    You want to dip your toes or step into the role of a strategist (thinking mode on) and not just a copywriter. Or worse, a wordsmith.

    You want to add “sales page audits” to your offer suite and diversify your revenue streams

    You want to get paid for your copywriting brain, not just the copy you write. Yes, an ode to the brain. Again.

    You want to give your ideal clients a quick win with a sales page audit so they can hire you for meatier projects (read: $$$$).

    And please don’t join The Audit Superstar if…


    You’re a sales page audit badassor and eat audits for breakfast.


    You’re at the end of the rope with no cash in the bank – please don’t join.


    You expect to get rich quick, expect this bootcamp to be perfect, expect that you know better (maybe you do) – please don’t join. 


    You’re new to copywriting and entrenched in learning the basics

    Worried this will be a waste of time?

    Here’s my 7-Day Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

    This zero info overload, step-by-step, high-touch program is designed to help you do THREE things. 

    #1  Master auditing sales pages – within 60 minutes-ish.

    #2  Sell sales page audits as a “low risk” investment to dream clients (who then because they’ll love your audit will most likely hire you to work on bigger projects).

    #3  Learn & implement within weeks (even before the training is over. Most students make back their investment while in training) 

    All you gotta do is show up, do the work, and be ready to make the shift from “I write to get paid” to “I get paid the big bucks to think – not write.” 

    That’s my sincere hope for every copywriter and digital marketer (who writes copy).

    Having said that, you have a FULL 7 Days to shift from doing to thinking.

    If you’re not feeling the content, the energy, or me as your coach, simply send me an email and request a 100% refund. No questions asked.

    If you stick with it, within a few weeks from now


    You’ll get paid to think. Not for the copy you write


    You’ll use your auditing skills with confidence and precision because you have a framework (not to mention the hours you’ll save)


    You’ll position yourself as a strategist or consultant & less of a doer/order taker


    You’ll sell audits as a productized service (payment in one go and in advance? Yes please!)

    And get results like these…

    “Fantastic program delivery…”

    “The program was delivered in a fantastic manner. It was broken down into bite size pieces to help breakdown all of the functions of the sales page. I have a better grasp of writing sales pages as well as auditing them.”

    Tiffiney Silvestri

    “Made back my ROI…”

    “The Audit Superstar was such a lovely experience! I found myself smiling and getting excited as the coursework progressed. I definitely had those hallelujah moments where the material clicked and I loved the way it flowed so clearly! I immediately made back my ROI so that was definitely a win!”

    Caroline Betz

    Conversion Copywriter

    “Without your framework it would’ve taken me longer…”

    “The Audit Superstar taught me how to identify gaps in existing sales page AND how to present my findings to a client. Without your framework/docs. it would have taken me longer to figure out how to do an audit or create the report. I also enjoyed the call where you and Dani talked through her sales page audit – hearing both your insights gave me clarity on how to approach mine and even how to approach the writing of another sales page I was working on “

    Ash Chow

    Launch Strategist & Copywriter

    “You created The Audit Superstar at the right time for me”

    “The Audit Superstar gave me an iron clad system to follow which elevated my sales page audits to another level. Before I think relied on audits to be my foot in the door- and provide value upfront before getting the client. but with the way its laid out in Audit Superstar practically gives me everything I need to position audits as a service and get paid to think which is always fun There aren’t any resources out that teach how to do audits for copywriting ( at least that I know of) and you totally created this course at the right time for me.”

    Jesseka Foxx

    CEO @ Vetted Choice

    “This course is super practical, fast, and gives you instant wins”

    “It sounds silly, but I was worried I wouldn’t get anymore value add since I’ve already been doing audits as a service. But Amisha somehow find a way to pull out all the messy stuff that goes on in your copywriter’s brain, and put a framework around it! worth every penny!”

    Lindsay Chiles

    Marketing Copywriter

    Answers to your most pressing questions

    How does The Audit Superstar work?

    You’ll get immediate access to the core content (sales page audits) when you enroll. 

    My aim with the content is to keep it super practical, actionable, and easily implementable. You won’t be filling out endless worksheets and listening to hours of video training. 

    Pink swirls on cotton candy? Tempting. Swirling in content overwhelm with a sprinkling of “I’ll never get through this?” Not my idea of an online program.

    Why sales page audits?

    Great question! Here’s my top reason. 

    Number 1: Most good copy (in a launch or a funnel) comes directly from your sales page. Whether it’s your FB ads, sales emails, webinar registrations page…the copy quality and its ability to convert is determined by your offer and how you sell it. If you can tweak, optimize, refine the messaging in your sales copy – everything else that you write becomes so much easier. 

    I’m not new to sales page copy, and I’ve written a few of them. Do I have to be an expert to offer sales page audits?

    Nope. In fact, I started offering them in my second year as a copywriter. I had proven results before I took on my first audit client. Proven results being: 3 highly successful sales pages. That’s it. 3. 

    One of the bootcamp bonuses you’ll receive is the ROI Sales Page. This is my mini-course that teaches you how to write sales pages for digital products. It’s flooded with copy frameworks and examples. You can brush up on your knowledge if you feel your skills are a bit rusty. 

    I’m a new copywriter. Is this for me?

    If you’ve never written sales page copy – this isn’t the right program for you. I’d rather you at least write one or even two sales pages so you understand the nuances at a higher level. 

    Can you guarantee that I’ll get clients?

    Nope. I don’t want to insult your intelligence by saying this is the ONLY program you’ll need to get 5 paying clients. Finding and signing clients are your responsibility. 

    However, when you enroll in this program, you also get a bonus called The CEO Essential Email Scripts. This bundle of professional email scripts has a script on how to cold pitch a client, how to stand out from a sea of competitors, and a presentation on how to run a sales call. With these skills in your arsenal – you’ll be armed with client-attracting confidence.

    Can’t I just do this on my own without your help?

    Of course, you can! Audits are as old as the PAS framework. Maybe not. 

    But the point is, I’ve distilled my audit experiences, lessons, observations into simple checklists and examples so you don’t have to learn the trial-and-error way. Or pretend like you know what you’re doing. The Audit Superstar is your much needed shortcut.

    How long will it take to audit a sales page?

    I’m going to say something you won’t like (I dislike this answer too)

    But here it is…

    It depends. 

    *save those rotten tomatoes*

    Here’s why. 

    The speed with which you audit a sales page is directly proportional to your copywriting experience and chops. 

    The more projects you work on…the stronger your knack for writing persuasive, emotionally compelling, conversational copy (the kind that’s prevalent in the digital course, membership, coaching program world to be precise)

    The more projects you work on…the more likely you can spot if the copy has a strong hook and the offer has a unique value proposition… 

    Auditing a sales page isn’t just about checking what’s missing (like the FAQ section). It’s also being able to diagnose whether the offer may need some changing up. Or if the audience won’t bite. 

    Similarly, for auditing quizzes, courses, and offers…it depends on your level of experience with them. 

    In short the answer to your question is…it could be a couple of hours or a couple of days. 

    But what makes it easier is knowing that you can rely on a proven framework to help you eliminate second guessing so you can identify what’s working and what’s not. 

    Plus it also depends on how much time you spend “fixing” the copy. Which I don’t recommend because that’s out of scope.

    Will I understand how to do market research to write better copy?

    Not exactly. My intention is to focus on the market research to shape the offer – not necessarily write the copy. Not to say that it won’t help you write better copy, it absolutely can. But I won’t be going deep into how you can use VOC data to turn that into a headline or a crosshead. 

    Why should I join TAS now?

    Why delay your ability to get paid to think versus get paid to write. Both are important. But in the long run, your ability to think, strategize, and show up as your client’s thought partner will make you a linchpin. 

    What makes The Audit Superstar different from other courses and programs?

    I was hoping you’d ask. 

    Here’s my answer rapid bullet style

    • Under 1 hour of core content
    • You can make back your ROI before the program is over
    • It’s not a ALL YOU NEED program (read: 6 months or a year to get through)
    • No fluffy bonuses to cause distraction, overwhelm, procrastination or quitting. 
    • Go at your own pace. 


            I’m a Chief Marketing Officer, will TAS help me ?

            If you’re responsible for launch conversions, then yes TAS will help you. You’ll confidently advise your clients what needs to be tweaked. Whether it’s their limp as a noodle offer, or the need for a new storytelling angle, or improving their value proposition because their competition is making the same claims. When you have a framework, it eliminates second guessing.

            I’m a copywriter who works on retainer projects. I don't have to market or sell. And I like that 🙂 Do I need TAS?

            You mean you just get paid to write and not market? Sweet!

            Here are three things I want you to consider:

            Even if you’re in a retainer arrangement, you’re still getting paid to use your brain and produce high-converting copy. It’s not one or the other. It’s both. Also, if you get good at auditing sales copy, you get good at improving offers, and the overall copy. Triple win.

            Sidenote: I show you 16 ways on how to optimize your offers and in TAS Platinum, I’ll go over what it takes to create an offer from scratch.

            How do I know I’m doing this right? This auditing thing?

            You’ll do it right because you’re going to lean on three things (I love the power of three. Ewww…not math exponents…like the Harry, Hermione, and Ron, power of three)

            #1) My 5-step Audit Framework: This alone will cut your auditing time in half when you look at a sales page and freeze because you don’t know what to look for. 

            #2) Examples of real life sales page audits: Watch and learn how others have audited their clients’ sales pages. Scroll up and down my client audit reports. Submit your audit report and receive feedback. 

            #3) Bring your experience to the table and give my framework your unique spin: Or feel free to overhaul my framework and use yours instead based on your experience in TAS. If you’re a brand strategist, a Google analytics expert, or even a copywriter – you’re bound to look at your experience,  use it with what I teach, and make your own rules in the process. 

            I haven't worked on client projects yet, but have heavily invested in my craft (I have taken all the BIG name courses. Do I need to have an actual client project to do the audit on?Or could I pick any sales page from the internet as an example and do my audit on it?

            Yay for investing in your copywriting skills. You do not need to have an actual client project to enroll in TAS. Yes, you can take any sales page (as long as it’s written for a digital program) and choose to do an audit. Even that’s not mandatory. It’s up to you.

            I can’t decide whether I should enroll - I mean there are so many delicious programs about copywriting, launching, and strategy.

            Wouldn’t it be nice to have unlimited funds for buying courses and programs? I totally understand and nope, it’s not easy to make that decision. 

            First of all, if you’re cash strapped and time strapped, cannot fathom taxing your overtired brain cells, please don’t enroll in TAS. There’s always a next time (I don’t know the answer yet). 

            The other programs you mentioned are all freakin fantastic, having taken some of them myself. Here’s where TAS is different. 

            This is not a program about how to write sales copy (although I offer The ROI Sales Page minicourse as a bonus) 

            This is not a program about how to launch. 

            This is not a program that spans for weeks, months, stacked with several PDFs, google sheets, long videos galore. 

            It teaches you one thing – how to audit, fast. And get paid, faster

            Why offering copy audits beats other copywriting offers


            (also because you’re so done with reading paragraphs #youarewelcome)

            Here’s a Recap Of Everything You Get When You Join

            The Audit Superstar

            • Sales Page Audit core training ($997)
            • The Audit Superstar workbook ($197)
            • Audit Report template (the exact one I use for my clients) ($47)
            • Real client audit sample reports ($597)
            • CEO Essential Email Scripts ($97)
            • The ROI Sales Page digital course ($197)
            • Lifetime access to a Private Slack group to ask all your burning questions and receive feedback from other Superstars
            • Lifetime access to content upgrades
            • Lifetime access to the call library with all recorded hot seats and group coaching calls


              Best Value

              One Payment of


              “One of the few best investments I made”

              “Before investing in The Audit Superstar had done audits for my clients those audits were quick and dirty based on gut and instinct. It was something I always did when clients came to me with an old sales page that needed a redesign.

              I also offered it as a stand alone service but charged very little for those. But TAS changed that now I am gearing up to relaunch this as a standalone high touch service and TAS has given me the framework + everything else need to conduct an in depth audit for my clients, learnt a lot of new copy skills from this programme. 

              Amisha is a brilliant teacher and goes above and beyond in her programmes. It was one Of the BEST investments I made in 2021 and am beyond thrilled that I did it.

              Sneha Hiremath

              Kajabi Sales Page Designer

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