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Here’s what you get When You Join:


Digital course audit (value: 997)


Email CRM audit (value: 997)


Greenlight Your Offer: From a half-baked idea to sizzling moneymaker (value: 997)


Quiz funnel audit (value: 997)


How to create an irresistible audit package that sells (value: 997)


Market Research as a service (value: 997)


Monthly group coaching calls (value: priceless)


Unlimited access to a Private Slack group to ask all your burning questions and receive feedback from other Superstars (value: priceless)


Unlimited access to the call library with all recorded hot seats and group coaching calls (value: priceless)


You get it for only: $497

Here’s my 7-Day Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

All you gotta do is show up, do the work, and be ready to make the shift from “I write to get paid” to “I get paid the big bucks to think – not write.” 

That’s my sincere hope for every copywriter and digital marketer (who writes copy).

Having said that, you have a FULL 7 Days to shift from doing to thinking.

If you’re not feeling the content, the energy, or me as your coach, simply send me an email and request a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Meet the Audit Superstars

“Fantastic program delivery…”

“The program was delivered in a fantastic manner. It was broken down into bite size pieces to help breakdown all of the functions of the sales page. I have a better grasp of writing sales pages as well as auditing them.”

Tiffiney Silvestri

“Made back my ROI…”

“The Audit Superstar was such a lovely experience! I found myself smiling and getting excited as the coursework progressed. I definitely had those hallelujah moments where the material clicked and I loved the way it flowed so clearly! I immediately made back my ROI so that was definitely a win!”

Caroline Betz

Conversion Copywriter

“Without your framework it would’ve taken me longer…”

“The Audit Superstar taught me how to identify gaps in existing sales page AND how to present my findings to a client. Without your framework/docs. it would have taken me longer to figure out how to do an audit or create the report. I also enjoyed the call where you and Dani talked through her sales page audit – hearing both your insights gave me clarity on how to approach mine and even how to approach the writing of another sales page I was working on “

Ash Chow

Launch Strategist & Copywriter

“You created The Audit Superstar at the right time for me”

“The Audit Superstar gave me an iron clad system to follow which elevated my sales page audits to another level. Before I think relied on audits to be my foot in the door- and provide value upfront before getting the client. but with the way its laid out in Audit Superstar practically gives me everything I need to position audits as a service and get paid to think which is always fun There aren’t any resources out that teach how to do audits for copywriting ( at least that I know of) and you totally created this course at the right time for me.”

Jesseka Foxx

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