The CEO Essential Email Scripts

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For service providers who need to send professional & effective client emails without sounding dreary, desperate, or dry like the week-old loaf of bread sitting on your counter

Get the 50 essential email scripts I use to communicate with hot leads, clients, and out-of-my-league dream clients (scripts I’ve used to close $10k projects)

YOU GET 50 EMAIL SCRIPTS (The whole email enchilada with sriracha sauce) PLUS A SURPRISE BONUS

  • The welcome email:  I send this to my copywriting clients
  • The reminder emails:  to book appointments, pay invoices & request access to client files
  • The “I need this from you” reminder email: How to get client feedback (sooner) so you can wrap up projects faster
  • The project status update email: How to communicate project status updates
  • The “my calendar is full” email: (hint it’s time for prospects to join the waitlist)
  • The turn away non-ideal clients email:  (without sounding like an arrogant I’m-too-good-for-you business owner)
  • The  “Why should you hire me?” email when several others are vying for the same gig
  • The “no more FREE sessions” email: How to (gracefully) say no to free consults & offer your paid services instead
  • The $10k cold email pitches: to dream clients that resulted in over $10k projects
  • How to pitch podcasts email (you’ll get a script for a warm and a cold pitch)
  • The “I don’t do this work anymore” email: What to say when you no longer offer a particular service
  • The testimonial email: How to request a testimonial (and the questions you must ask so that the testimonials are relevant, specific, and beget more lucrative work)
  • The reminder for testimonial email: (because clients need reminders 9/10 times)
  • The goodbye email – when you offboard clients
  • The “let’s work together. Again” email: How to pitch old clients new services without sounding desperate
  • The referral email: How to ask for referrals without sounding needy
  • The “my perfect process” email: When you’re asked, “What‘s your process?” – use this script!
  • The “Appointment No-Show” email (it will happen)
  • The follow up email when a hot lead goes radio silent (A 7 out of 10  increased response rate!)
  • The “Sorry, but you’re too expensive” emails – 3 ways
  • The scope creep email: Outsmart scope creep with this email script
  • The breakup email: How to break up with a client (whether they’re wonderful or joy-suckers)

WHY THE CEO ESSENTIAL EMAIL SCRIPTS? (Hint: Because they hit better than a sale at Nordstrom)

  • Put the Google doc to rest: no more struggling to come up with the ‘right words’ to communicate what you need
  • Ditch the amateur/I don’t-know-what-I’m-doing tag and make a CEO-worthy impression with every ‘send’ you click
  • Stop spending days trying to come up with a professional yet strongly underlined “respect my boundaries” response to leads and clients
  • Navigate through sticky professional situations with confidence and without the arrogance
  • Uplevel your client experience with a splash of your personality weaved in (your clients don’t want a corporate robot with jargon-speak)
  • Give your brand the (client) respect it deserves even if you’re still a one (wo)man show in your business

HOW TO USE THEM (Twerk Tweak them to fit your personality):

You’ll get a Google doc with all 50 scripts (hyperlinked). 

Choose the script you need, tweak it to suit your needs, read it aloud to ensure it sounds like you and you don’t have any typos, hit send, and B-R-E-A-T-H-E a sigh of relief.

Do you offer refunds or money-back guarantees?

Nope. At $1.94/script – this bundle of scripts is a steal.
While the communication tenets, logic, and reasoning (demonstrated for every script) is solid – to make ‘em work for you would mean tweaking them to suit your personality, industry, and clientele. Copying it word for word will definitely not get you the desired results. If that’s what you intend to do, please don’t make the purchase. It’d be as embarrassing as realizing you forgot your wallet while you’re in the check-out line at Nordstrom.


That’s right! When you purchase the CEO Essential Email Scripts you get immediate access to a zero-fluff training that’s helped me close high-ticket clients on Zoom (read $10k service packages). All yours when you get the scripts.


2 reviews for The CEO Essential Email Scripts

  1. Rose Guthrie (verified owner)

    This bundle is $97. I used ONE script and sent a proposal for $4000 which was accepted. Not only did I earn $4k but the client then turned into a retainer client. How is that for ROI? These are the scripts I never knew I needed. I always struggle with words and it’s so good to have all of these templates ready to go when I need them.

  2. Jackie Sunga

    Amisha thought of everything! Time-saving and truly one of the best digital downloads I’ve ever purchased. All the things you think you need from your business coach or a high ticket group coaching program…just learn what you need to say (and with personality!) from Amisha’s CEO Essential Email Scripts. You will have what you need to make your money back fifty fold.

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