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How’d you like to


Blow bubbles your online course/membership/coaching program launch goals outta water?


Get a constant soda stream of Stripe notifications on your phone?


Open the Flood gates to your list, membership site & coaching programs with buyers? 

And most importantly….

Delegate ALL your launch copy to someone who gives a damn about your launch  goals…


Close the 23 Chrome tabs on “how to write launch copy” and remove the blank Google doc you’ve been staring at for hours


Get rid of  another generic sales page copy template from your digital shelf


Shut down your Mac and go on Airplane mode


CEO-around (with or without pants)


Catch up on (uninterrupted) sleep 

Wanna say goodbye to watered down launch copy drowning in salty tears  


Say hello to cash-induced copy that connects, compels & converts 

(that’s a lot of Csss)

Unleash me on your launches

*blows non-polished fingernails, rubs on shirt* 

Let’s do this!

“Wait…how do you do this thing?”

You mean my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious copy prowess? 

(For starters, I don’t use 34 character words in your copy)

I use words that your humans clients use. That’s where all launch projects start….

  1. Researching your target audience (like a P.I. with cool sunglasses)
  2. Snooping on your competitors (digging up dirt what sets you apart)
  3. Understanding your voice (so you sound like you. Only better) 
  4. Writing & Editing (while you relax like a BOSS)
  5. Wireframing (so it flows like TLC’s waterfalls)
  6. Improving it (A/B split tests, subject lines, button copy…and a host of other things)

Choose your “launch copy adventure” in one of three ways:

01. Soaked-in-Profits Sales Page

You get:


Research + Discovery Insights

  • Voice of customer data (surveys, interviews, chat logs, call transcripts)
  • Competitor analysis (website and product sales pages)
  • Product research

Written, edited &  wireframed sales page


Brand messaging guide OR 2 versions of Facebook ad copy


02. Launch with a Bang

Despise the copy paste launch system that feels too one size fits all-ish? Me too!

Here’s the thing. Your offer’s unique. You’re unique. While every launch has a few basic ingredients to create an edible meal at best – why not tailor the menu launch for your juicy vision, hungry fans, & meaty offer so that it’s a 5-star meal?

Because when you do…you’ll taste the sweet success of Stripe notifications, client success stories, and deep impact – instead of dreaming about it. Or blowing up your budget. Or worse, using a copy and paste funnel plan that your competitors are swiping left and right.  

As your launch sidekick (and cheerleaders) I’ll help you get there with:


Detailed launch strategy


Done for you custom launch copy


Deep support so you’re never left alone to navigate the stormy launchy seas!

03. Copy Tune Up

Does this sound like you?

  • “My messaging is flat and boring. It needs chutzpah but I have no idea what I’m doing”
  • “Ummm…I’ve used a template to write my sales page. But I don’t know if it will convert”
  • “I’ve a sales page that’s hovering over a percent. I want to increase conversions.”

The Copy Tune Up will review your sales page for: 


Messaging organization 


Jargon, long-windedness, and customer focused copy


User experience (with some feedback on design)


Clarity, conciseness, and conversions (or lack thereof)

Here’s how it rolls:


You fill out a detailed form about your sales page


You hear from us within 48 hours (if we’re a good fit)


Book a spot on our calendar and make payment

Here’s what you get within 2 weeks:


Comprehensive video review of your sales page


A Google doc with copy recommendations and edits (for headlines, calls to action buttons, and body copy)


A section of your sales page rewritten


Recommendations for your sales page visuals (possible wireframe) 

Here’s how we wrap it up


You watch the video review and drool over the copy tune ups in the Google doc.


We get on a 30-minute follow up call to discuss the video review, recommendations doc, and answer your questions. 


We end our call, with grinning faces, and virtual fist pumps.


(You’re ready to sell your offer. Lots of it. Watch out world!) 

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