If you haven’t noticed already, how you say ‘thank you’ in the internet marketing world has evolved.

The humble and yet blah page (let’s be honest!) has got its act together, prettied up and been optimized to engage with new subscribers from the get go, give massive value and yes even generate sales.

Infact if you’re not optimizing your thank you page then you are leaving money on the table and losing out on the opportunity to delight your new subscribers.

So instead of just slapping a confirmation message that says ‘Thank you for subscribing’; let’s explore how we can add up the ante.

First of all I know you’re begging to ask the question of why should you even care?

Isn’t that the purpose of the thank you page?

Yes and no.

Yes because the primary objective of a thank you page is to confirm a subscription or purchase.

And no because it doesn’t end there.

So how do you optimize your thank you page?

You add strong CTAs (calls to action).

A very clear CTA will move your subscriber to the next stage in the sales funnel.

I’ve got you covered with 5 different types of CTAs you can use in your thank you page:

CTA # 1: Give them access to free (no opt-in required) content.

I know you’re thinking ‘wait I just asked them to opt-in for my lead magnet!’ But because your prospect has excitedly opted in(they better be excited!) for your Lead Magnet, you want to build on this momentum.

So recommend your content that is related to the Lead Magnet. This could be blog posts, infographics, video series or audios.

The objective is for the subscriber to hang out longer on your website or FB biz page or wherever your content is hosted.

CTA # 2: Request them to join your live webinar

If your webinar builds on the topic that is covered in your Lead Magnet then this is a perfect opportunity to have your new subscriber join you live, participate and even buy from you because you’ve given them so much valuable content in your webinar.

CTA # 3: Invite them to join your FB group

When I started out my objective was to grow my FB group. This was my CTA on my thank you page. Simply add a CTA button on your thankyou page and link it to your FB group.

CTA # 4: Add social media sharing buttons on your opt-in page

Nothing like adding organic traffic and saving you money on expensive FB ads. Have new subscribers share your landing page with their friends. You can include social media sharing buttons to make this easy for your subscribers.

CTA # 5: The tripwire

This is by far my favorite one for so many reasons. But first let’s talk about what is a tripwire.

So a tripwire is a no-brainer, one-time only (low price point) offer that you make on your thank you page as soon as someone opts in for your lead magnet.

The tripwire must be related to your Lead Magnet and offer 20x the value so that it entices a new subscriber to pull out her wallet to buy from you.

Now do understand that a tripwire is not a revenue generator but if you are running FB ads to your landing page, the tripwire can recoup some of the ad expense. That is if you are able to sell it of course.

Typically priced between $1-50, and if snatched up subscribers  proves that although the first sale is the hardest it is easier to sell to the same subscriber again as they move up in your funnel.

Because tripwires are one time only offers, you will want to insert countdown timers on your thank you page to run for 20 minutes. The subscriber has only 20 minutes to make a purchase decision on your tripwire.

Using any one of these 5 CTAs  can help create highly converting thank you pages. You can wow and delight your customer and even have her opening her wallet for you EVEN if she’s just downloaded your Lead Magnet minutes ago!

Which one are you going to implement for your thank you page?