It’s common and inevitable, particularly if you’re ramping up or scaling your business.

Your email newsletter WILL get pushed on the wayside more than you want to admit.

In the beginning you’ll slip once or twice. You’ve a small list and except for your mom, not everyone’s opening your emails so it’s okay (you think). Then you slip some more.

And then it becomes a pattern you can’t break.

Sadly, a lot of entrepreneurs stop emailing their list completely.

While this is happening on the outside, you can’t help but feel pangs of guilt welling up inside.

‘Coz you want to connect with your subscribers. 

You want to treat them like royalty.

You want to send them emails consistently. Not just once every 3 months! Or when you need to ‘sell’.

Heck, it took everything in you to make ‘em signup in the first place.

But, life (and demanding client work) happens. And I get that. I’m guilty of my share of screwups in this department too.

Which is why you’ll want to give this week’s episode a listen because if I’m struggling with this, then I know you are too.

In this episode, I talk about how to resuscitate your relationship with your tribe if you been MIA. Whether it’s a month or 6 months. You owe an explanation my friend.