They land on your sales page. 

Read the headline. 

And *must* read beyond it (they’re hooked. Congratulations!)

Making their way to the body copy, identifying themself on the page, heart fluttering with excitement, salivating over your offer…

“Finally, someone gets me. What’s this thing cost???” 

Aaah, yes. Cost. Price. Rates. 

The most prevailing thought in a prospect’s mind (besides what’s for dinner tonight) as they read your sales page. Especially if your copy moved them from solution aware to product aware in a span of 10 minutes, and it’s the final “hurdle” before the buy finish line. 

The pricing table is a key element on your sales page with the ability to drive conversions like no other. After all, the total clicks on the CTA button (within the pricing) determine the overall fate of the product launch. 

The desired number of clicks can generate virtual high-fives and champagne clinks OR have the power to cause PTSD that even the third season of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel cannot undo. 

And yes, while an irresistible offer and copy are what ultimately move the prospect from “maybe” to frantically pulling their credit cards from their wallets, ready to plonk the numbers…

Our job as conversion copywriters/digital marketers is to optimize the sales page and benefit from incremental gains. Hey, a 0.5% lift is still better than none at all, amirite?

So, without further ado, presenting the 5 friction-free ways to accelerate your “solution/product” aware prospect’s decision-making process.

Note: The following optimization hacks work if you’re selling a digital product. Typically these involve two pricing options, placed side by side on a sales page. 

#1 Put it in the spotlight. 

By “it” I mean ONE of your pricing options. Specifically, the “pay in full” option (which is usually pricier). 

Why that works:  

By making one of the pricing options stand out visually, it grabs the prospect’s attention. Forcing their eyes to hover over the details. 

Here’s how to throw the juicier pricing option into the spotlight:

  • Put the header in a different color
  • Accentuate the size 
  • Add a “most popular,” “best seller,” or similar icon next to the payment plan box (ensure that it’s in a color that pops and is in contrast to the pricing column) 
  • Put the CTA button and/or column in a different color (i.e. a color that pops)
  • Reward your prospect by throwing in an extra bonus to sweeten the deal 


#2 Do the math for them.

Don’t make your prospect fire up the icalc to compare the amount she’ll save if she opts for the payment plan versus the full pay. Every second of her attention is sacred and could be compromised. Don’t let the reason be missing digits. 

Here’s how you conserve her brainpower: 

  • You state the total amount of savings, if she decides to choose the full pay option.
  • If you’re selling a membership/subscription: You can include a month or two free to those who’ve paid in full (see example below).  


Source: B-School by Marie Forleo

Source: Momentum by Amy Porterfield

#3 Get creative (best if you’re a personal brand). 

Now there’s no proof that this improves conversions, but if your sales message whilst compelling also has traces of aspirationalism…this could work. 

You could use “copy branding” for your pricing table headlines to be memorable, connect with your audience, and have them self-identify who they want to be. Like this 👇

The pricing table from Copy Hackers uses “Cash Flow Friendly” option and “Instant Saver” as column headlines.

Source: Content School by CopyHackers

Here’s another example of copy branding for a program that offers a three-tiered track to choose from. There are basic, intermediate, and advance tracks or the Standard, Master, and Platinum (with price increase in that order). 

Disclaimer: Ramit (Sethi) no longer sells this program today.

Source: Ramit Sethi’s Earn 1k

#4 Use microcopy around the CTA buttons.

Microcopy—those little words and phrases that enhance the experience, add personality & most importantly, have the ability to reduce friction and get people taking action. (Source: CXL) 

I couldn’t agree more. 

Placing a testimonial, social proof, or reiterating the most important terms of the offer guarantee – around the CTA button – reduces buyer friction, provides much needed assurance and fosters trust. 

Here are some microcopy examples 👇

  • More than 500 digital marketers are certified in (our/my product) system 
  • Start your 30-day free trial. Cancel anytime. 
  • “Best investment I ever made in my career” 
  • See your fine lines disappear in 30 days or your money back

#5 Security trust badges. 

The presence of trust seals below the payment buttons can boost trust and conversions. 

Like this 👇

And that’s it! 

 5 simple ways to optimize your pricing tables when you’re selling a digital product. 

Small hinges swing big doors. 

On their own, these optimization hacks may not dramatically change your conversion rates overnight – but remember it’s the little things that make all the difference. 


Test. Test. Test. 

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