How I generate $10k months in my copywriting biz without launching online courses, coaching programs, and writing copy until your fingers fall off (yup, really)

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How to get paid $1,000 in ONE day for your expert thoughts, recommendations, and experience – NOT the 67,578 words of copy you write

Why selling 5-figure launch copy services are doing you more harm than good

Why adding audits to your offer suite is a better choice than offering VIP days (especially if you’re a copywriter)

My 5-Step Sales Page Audit Framework to perform and deliver an outstanding sales page audit to your clients (so they’ll hire you for meatier $$$ projects)

The 5 dangerous mistakes you’re probably making when you review copy – and how this keeps you from positioning yourself as an expert strategist

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Amisha Shrimanker - The Copy Crew

Hey there! I’m Amisha Shrimanker.

Launch copywriter. Founder of The Copy Crew. Better known as the person who *gives a damn* about my clients launches – even more than they do.

Besides being a badass launch copywriter for clients, I offer a Copy Tune Up service that’s essentially sales page audits. This productized and highly lucrative service is the easiest money & the chunkiest source of my apple revenue pie. And now, I can’t wait to teach you this exact skill.


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You’ve had your share of a bajillion free trainings that show you the WHAT but almost never reveal the HOW because you have to enroll in the paid program to get that. I say we put an end to that in 2022. During this training, you’ll actually walk away with a proven system you can use for your next sales page audit – whether you buy from me or not. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions