Need to send a professional email but struggling for the right words?

Download Word-For-Word Email Scripts & Send The Perfect Response When Faced With 3 Sticky Client Situations

Without sounding corporate-y and amateurish

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No more struggling for words, spending hours using the Google search feature, or playing a game of scavenger hunt in Facebook groups, in the quest to find the right words.

These email scripts will help you:


Outsmart scope creep (before it crawls into your project timeline & keeps you a chronic underearner)


Confidently communicate “I’m raising my prices” without jeopardizing client relationships or future business


Break up with a client (whether they’re wonderful or complete joy suckers)

Meet your Scriptwriter

(that’s me)

Amisha Shrimanker - The Copy Crew

Hey there! I’m Amisha Shrimanker.

Launch strategist and conversion copywriter for digital courses, membership site launches, and coaching programs. 

Clients work with me because I’m the person who *gives a damn* about their launches as much as they do (sometimes even more than they do)

But it wasn’t always obvious – until they pointed this out. Not just because of the copy I wrote – but because I provided excellent customer service. In the form of plain ol’ text emails. Consistently. Throughout our working relationship.

Writing professional emails (without sounding corporate-y and amateurish) has upleved my brand equity, improved my client relationships, and positioned me as a CEO rather than a $20/hour hired gun on Upwork.

And that’s my hope for you too when you use these scripts to make the confident asks, express the graceful no’s, and minimize losses when you end professional relationships.

Grab the 3 Essential Email Scripts Every Service Provider Needs In Their Business

They’re 100% free

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