3 Reasons You’re Here

Total accident. Blame it on the alcohol a bad Google search result. My apologies.

Rumor has it that SpaceX’s Crew Dragon changed it’s name to The Copy Crew. Naturally, you had to investigate. (Not true! Although it would give The Copy Crew 15 minutes of fame and time to help Mr. Musk rethink his naming strategy. Because X Æ A-12 is not on brand with his other childrens’ names.)

You’re checking me out to see if I can help you with your launch copy woes. I like you already ????. You value research as much as I do.

Because ridiculously good coffee conversion copy starts with strong research…

The kind where you dig, stalk, eavesdrop, observe & do WHATEVER (legally) it takes to learn everything about your customers…

Then use that research to write words that grip, arouse curiosity, and evoke a “yes, please” response to your offers.

So that YOU (the client) stand out from the competition and cut through the digital circus.  

Without walking the tightrope of terror that is writing your own sales copy.

Because I get it – doing research and writing copy isn’t your idea of high flying fun.  

Let’s say you have a digital product or an idea for a… 

Digital course, coaching program, an online membership, or the latest funnel with 10 upsells and 5 downsells. Also a monkey with banging cymbals thrown in for good measure (hey if it boosts conversions, why not?!) 

– You’ve set your launch dates.  

– You’ve Trello-ed all the minutiae details.

But…you’ve underestimated the sheer amount of copy required for a successful launch.

  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages (this one scrolls for miles)
  • Thank you pages
  • Facebook ads
  • And the 204568 emails in between

You know you need high converting copy that can do the heavy lifting for you…

Copy that oozes personality minus the gobbledygook

Copy that persuades without the sleaze

Copy that doesn’t trigger deja vu (a.k.a. words your buyers have seen a million times on your competitors’ sites)

Copy that makes $$$.

‘Nuff said.

But truth be told you’d rather be CEO-ing
instead of patching together tips from blogosphere to write copy

That’s where I come in. 

Hey there…

The name’s Amisha Shrimanker

Founder of The Copy Crew. Astronaut/Ring Master  Conversion Copywriter.

The person who *gives a damn* about your digital launches as much as you do (sometimes even more than you do)

For the sake of brevity & brain space (#youarewelcome) here are 5 things
you need to know about me:

I love research and dig D-E-E-P for intel before writing a single word of copy (blame it on reading copious amounts of Nancy Drew as a child). 

I blend psychology, persuasion & personality to write launch copy that converts.

I take on your “voice” and write copy that sounds like you (after all, your buyers want YOU not some fancy shmancy copywriter).

I’m a mom to a 9-year old boy and a 4-year old girl – they make up my world!

I believe Nutella smeared on anything fixes any problem (but doesn’t work on conversion copy…yet ????)

Like what you’ve read so far?  

Wanna smear Nutella on get  your copy clicks and ca$h?? Let’s talk.

Here’s Why You Need Moi On Your Launch Team

Outshine your Competition

My superpowers extend beyond wordsmithery and candy floss creativity. I’m a badass researcher, launch consultant & a unique value proposition nailer. The trifecta that causes your competition to break out in stinky sweats.

De-snoozify your copy

I’m obsessed with research-backed copy that checks the personality and persuasion boxes. No more gobbledegook or copycat word crap.

Make the mega bucks + impact

I write copy that connects, compels, and converts. Which means? More cash for you and a proud moment for me.

Here are some proud moments case studies + testimonials to slay your doubts 

Stop tinkering with your launch copy, implementing blog tips and making marginal gains (C’mon you deserve better)


Don’t hire a copywriter who writes words just because they sound “juicy” (it’ll kill your conversions)


Don’t use generic plug-n-play templates when tailored, heavily researched, conversion copy will do the job instead. 


Don’t waste time figuring this out yourself or burdening your awesome but stretched to the max in-house marketing team. 

Check out my services first!