A profitable sales funnel doesn’t start with your lead magnet.

It starts with your valuable and juicy content (no opt-in required of course).


Your lead magnet is the tipping point when it comes to conversions…a.k.a sales, ka-ching, income.  

So it needs to pack a punch and leave an impression on your ideal client’s mind and dare I say heart even.

So how do you create a lead magnet that converts?

Here are 5 questions that you need to run your lead magnet through.

But first.

Let’s understand what is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a gift or a bribe to incentivize web traffic to become subscribers (to your list).

Of course not everyone is going to want what you’re offering but the ones who are will arrive at your landing page and submit their email address.

In exchange for their email address they receive the lead magnet or free gift.

But it’s not just any gift….

It’s a gift that is useful to your subscriber.

One that they can put into action right away…

Experience a quick win or two…

And form a favorable opinion about you….and say “That Amisha chick is awesome because her free gift changed my world”

So it’s gotta be that good for them to stick around and not hit the dreaded unsubscribe button.

Now that you know what a lead magnet is, let’s take a look at how to create one that converts.

Presenting the 5 questions you must ask for a highly converting lead magnet:

Question # 1 – What are my ideal client’s biggest struggles when it comes to their (insert your niche)?

Pay close attention to what your ideal clients are telling you about their problems.

What language or self talk are they using when dealing with this problem?

What would they do (pay/read/try) to solve this problem?

What do they type in Google when it comes to troubleshooting their problem? Hint it’s usually along the lines of “How do I……”

What are the questions I’m asked about in my niche ALL the time?

What are the first 3 steps they can take towards their transformation with confidence and ease? (Remember it’s about having your ideal client believe that your lead magnet is easy to understand and implement).

Question # 2 – How can you deliver this information or the solutions to their struggles in an EASY way to your ideal client?

Remember that the key word here is ‘EASY’

So a 50 page e-book is not exactly the definition of easy.

Sure it may have lots of value and be useful to your ideal client but there’s a high chance that she may never read the entire e-book.

The objective is to deliver information that is easy to digest yet valuable and actionable.

Some popular lead magnet delivery formats:

  1. Checklists
  2. Cheatsheets
  3. List of tools/resources
  4. Video tutorials
  5. Templates
  6. Infographics

Question # 3: Does your lead magnet help your reader achieve quick wins?

In the previous step we saw how important it is to create a lead magnet that is easy to digest or consume information.

But if the information is not relevant to your ideal client and doesn’t help them achieve quick wins then it doesn’t matter how digestible the content.

You want the reader to say herself; “I can’t believe this information is free! It is soooo good.”

Question # 4: Is your paid offer the next logical step?

If the information is that good in your lead magnet, then your paid offer needs to be the next obvious step for your reader.

This may sound absurd but your lead magnet needs to be valuable yet incomplete.

If it’s incomplete it will cause your reader to take the next step with you (attend your webinar, book a discovery call, purchase your offer etc.)

And that’s what you want in order to move your reader along in the funnel.

Question # 5: Does it solve ONE problem?

Problem with most lead magnets is that they tackle several problems or the topic covered is pretty broad.

And that’s neither useful nor does it help your conversions.

So take a closer look at your niche.

Can you drill it down to ONE area within the niche that you’d want to address in your LM?

For example, if your niche is nutrition, then can you drill it down to ONE specific idea/problem/solution that your ideal clients want to badly know about?

Or put another way; if you have a process or a signature program that contains 7 steps. You can create your lead magnet that covers the first step in your program.

Wouldn’t that be useful to your ideal client? You betcha!

Paid content given away for free that will leave your client begging for more. Well not exactly begging but you know what I mean!


Your lead magnet determines whether your subscribers remain on your email list (and eventually become buyers) or say goodbye forever.

Your lead magnet needs to answer 5 questions to establish its worth and the know, like and trust factor with your audience.

Question #1: What are your ideal client’s biggest struggles when it comes to your niche? Hint* what do they type in Google?

Question #2: How can you best deliver this information in an easily digestible format?

Question # 3: Does your lead magnet help your ideal client experience quick wins?

Question #4: Is your paid offer the next logical step?

Question # 5: Does it solve ONE problem within your niche?

A relevant and a specific lead magnet draws ideal subscribers like bees to honey. It may take you more than one attempt to get it right if you are starting out with your list building efforts.

Keep your pulse on your ideal client’s needs and wants and you’ll create a winning lead magnet!